Welcome to the NomiNote Beta site. The beta has been uploaded! It can be downloaded via the Beta page.

Organize Everything!

To keep content organised and to be able to manage your tasks, NomiNote utilises a tree structure: Each note you create is also becomes a node on your tree. While other apps do nowadays provide some form of folders, the tree structure in NomiNote is central to anything you do. Do you want to add more information to something you’ve drawn without creating clutter? You can simply select the drawing and link it to a new sub note where you can add this information. The link not only allows you to quickly navigate to the additional content, but also allows you to pull up an interactive preview without leaving the current note. Also, as you are adding and organising your notes you are creating a valuable overview of your projects. To capitalise on that NomiNote allows you to add ToDos to any note and you can browse those in the same structure. This way you can easily view all your ToDos, or just those for a specific part of your project.

Adapt your creations

A lot of note taking apps come preloaded with beautiful sketches. While this certainly speaks to ones imagination I found my own drawings would never look as pretty. More importantly, I also found this was not the most important thing. What was important to me was to to have clear and communicable notes. As the initial version of the note is often not be perfect, the ability to adapt notes is crucial in this proces. In NomiNote everything you draw is an object and you can always go back and move it, scale it, change its properties. Also, NomiNote tries to solve basic tasks for you automatically. When you want to add a label to an arrow you shouldn’t have to spend a minute rotating the text so it aligns properly. In NomiNote you can simply select the text mode and double click objects and the text box will automatically end up in the right place. And if you want it differently? You can always adapt anything to your liking.

Video Tutorials

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