NomiNote is a personal project. Frustrated by the lack of organization in note taking apps, I set out to create a note taking tool that not only allows to take useful notes, but also allows for keeping these notes organised.

What is NomiNote?

NomiNote is both a note taker and content organizer. Because of its unique approach to the organisation of your notes, NomiNote extends into the domain of project management tools and allows you to get the most out of your notes.

What is NomiNote not?

While one of the pillars of NomiNote is to create good-looking, adaptable, communicable notes, making pretty drawings is not a top priority (for now). But what NomiNote lacks in pretty options, it makes up for in flexibility. Do you prefer the sound of your voice over your own scribbles? Just create an audio note and record, organise any audio.

When should I check back?

You can already download the beta from the website. I am finilizing some features at the moment and the upcoming version of the beta will have all the features of the app I intend to launch. If you don’t want to join the beta, I hope to have a tested version of the app in the App Store by early July.

Will NomiNote be free?

In order to keep improving the app in the future I am looking for users to value it sufficiently to be happy to help the project along. I will most likely be putting up a free and paid version of the app. Current thinking is that the free version will not be very limited in functionality, but there will be a cap on the number of notes you can have in your tree. For those who find a benefit in the app and want to continue using it I plan to offer a full version priced at $6.99. If there is continued demand, I hope to add subscriptions with online storage and data sharing for a small fee in the future.