While the Beta is being tested, I’m not just fixing bugs, but also adding and refining features. What can you expect from the upcoming Beta versions? I’m currently working on the following functions, they should be live around Tuesday.

  • Bullet Point Notes
    • Lists are not just for To-Do’s. Structuring information can be useful in many situations. Bullet Point Notes will be added to the app soon.
  • Text linking to Notes.
    • Anything you draw can be linked to another Note on your tree. Soon this will also be available to text notes. Want to add extra information, a drawing or an image. Simply select text and link it to another note.
  • Text Sharing
    • The next version of the beta include improvements to sharing functionality. You will be able to share text notes (single or combinations) to text documents. Also, you can create PDFs out of your text and bullet notes.